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The name “Cooei” is uniquely Australian, meaning: “a long, loud call used to attract attention when at a distance...” You pronounce it Coooooooweeeeeeeee!

Our vision is to confront fashion dilemmas head on offering a thoughtful, luxurious and high quality solution. We all know that style can sometimes inflict pain, and comfort can sometimes be, well, hideous. Our goal is to combine the two in a very special way.

This brand is a story about you. The woman with style who is content, carefree, on the go and gorgeous at every age. We know there are endless facets to your day, week and life... meetings, trekking through the city, dinner with friends, groceries, kids, the gym etc. Looking good in all of these situations is important, as is being able to walk, breathe, sit and talk with ease. That’s where Cooei can help. The Cooei Companion Bag and Flips is the first of many products, so keep in touch to see how we continue to make your life a little easier!