Cooei Companion Bag + Flips


Ever worn a pair of uncomfortable shoes purely because they look fantastic? And before long you are in agony! You can't talk, think or even smile, because all you can focus on is how you're going to make it home and finally get your shoes off. The Cooei Companion Bag and Flips was created to solve this problem for you!

This chic nylon clutch is packed with compact foldable flip flops. When your feet are sore from high heels remove the flip flops from the clutch convert the clutch into a shoulder bag and carry your high heels in the bag. From the unique design details to the inside lining every component of this bag and flips has been created with quality, comfort and style. Using only the best materials and finishes to provide a high quality product you will love! Keep it on you at all times for back up and soon you will wonder how you ever survived without it!

Watch our video to see how it works.